For all you Agricultral needs

Our fences are right on both sides!

When it comes to quality Fenicng and agricultral work, you can't go past Bates Ag Services. We are proudly forming a stong business with safe and attractive services for all purposes. We will expertly install fences to suit any requirements and in a wide range of products and styles.

If you need it to be tough, call us!  We'll send an expert out to your site in Gippsland for a free  quote. Our friendly team of professionals are always happy to help you with the ongoing support and advice that you need.

Hay, grain and machinery transport

Hay, grain and machinery transport

From Spraying to Sowing, Baling and Harvesting through to selling and supplying of all stockfeeds. We have it covered.

-  Oaten, vetch and straw

-  Wheat, tritacle and barly grains

-  Almound hulls

-  Pellets


Rural Fencing

Rural fencing and security fencing

We cover all types of fencing.  Cattle/sheep yards, subdivsion, Removal, Fence line clearing with our bobcat and disposal, Chain Mesh fencing, temporary fencing.  Feel free to contact us for free quote or more information

Commercial & industrial

industrial fence

Bates Ag Services in Bundalaguah has the capabilities to complete everything from very large industrial and commercial projects. All projects can be completed with a short turn-around and on budget. We have an extensive range of products available including chain wire, weldmesh and tubular fencing. We provide safe and effective fencing solutions that are suitable for factories, schools, building sites, prisons, sporting venues and even animal enclosures.